Razi Masood

Mr. Masood is an experienced software professional with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. He has expertise in VR, mobile and web development, and has a track record of successfully leading teams through the entire software life cycle of projects, providing mentoring, ensuring best practices are implemented, stimulating team productivity, scoping, budgeting, unit testing, and conducting design/code reviews.

He has experience in leading multidisciplinary teams and has a proven ability to manage and lead cross-functional teams. He has key skills in strategic entrepreneurial management and has a deep understanding of the importance of assembling the right team of collaborative, multidisciplinary investigators.

Mr. Masood has a proven track record of success in leading the design and development of new Health IT innovations. He has led the development of virtual reality mental health therapy for COVID-19 front-line heroes,

virtual reality cognitive therapy for cancer-related cognitive impairment (currently in clinical trial phase),

virtual reality cognitive therapy for stroke,

Over the last six years, the VR technology has been a major focus of Razi Masood’s research efforts. He has led the development of multiple VR therapies from a concept to a working prototype currently being tested in the clinic trial.

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