Adnan Siddiqui

Mr. Siddiquie, is the founder of The Startup Council, an Incubator Non-profit Organization aimed to provide Technology Entrepreneurs an environment to take their first bold step to boost Entrepreneurship, Economic growth, and Employment. He has held lead and key management positions such as one of the relevant positions include HP - Director R&D and Quality, China Development.

He led Robotics and VR/AR, wearables, medical devices initiatives, identified business potential, most lucrative to this market segment, and identified Robot, AR/VR, medical devices as the next potential solutions that aligns with HP's core competency and has the most potential with least effort.

VRCT for AD, one of the flagship initiatives of Claritytek, Inc. is a top priority of Mr. Siddiquie. As a care taker of his mother who is an Alzheimer’s patient also as an investor in early-stage technologies, Mr. Siddiquie sees the value in the VRCT for AD and views the opportunity as a means to position the technology for private investing.

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