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We have developed Virtual Reality Cognitive Therapies for core issues like Cancer Related Cognitive Impairments, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury & Face blindness. These are in clinical trail phase. We recently received the prestigious international recognition at the Medica digital health app competition @ Dusseldorf Germany for the next generation of digital architecture and design.

We are working with multiple experts, hospitals and medical universities (The University of Minnesota, HealthPartners Neuroscience Center, Yale University School of Medicine, Masonic Cancer Center, Stanford, USC, and others) to refine and validate these therapies, these are research and evidence-backed, we have received the support and endorsement letters. We are in discussion with other top organizations for joint efforts to push this science forward. Now a days VR Therapies are standard part of the medical school curriculum. In clinical trials, we will revise these therapies multiple times to make it efficient, responsive, and make it demonstrably to solve patients specific cognitive conditions. The therapy needs to be fine-tuned to each patient group to address specific issues (Short-term memory, long-term memory, Spatial memory, Executive memory, Facial recognition etc.).

Virtual Reality Cognitive Therapies Research, Design & Development

      Virtual Reality Cognitive Therapy for Alzhimer's

Creative easy to use, enjoyable activities improve memory recall. Users will learn scientifically proven compensatory memory technics.


1. Easy to follow cognitive therapy tutorials showing user the tools and how to use them.

2. Innovative Virtual Reality activities help efficient memory encoding and recall.

3. Users gradually learn new memory technics by watching, follow along with simple and enjoyable short tutorials.

4. Creative hands-on therapy activities help users practice memory technics,  one step at a time using the easy to use the inbuilt video help system.

5. Users Repeatedly solve Simulated Cognitive Impairment Scenarios with proven Memory aids & mnemonics to store and recall information. You don't memorize you solve memory problems using Method of Loci, Peg System, Link System, and more.

6. Memory Recall with Fun Games and Quizzes. Users, gradually progress levels seamlessly.

How does it work, you learn to visualize, have fun with images, do things differently, and follow along. A Scientific process developed by renowned Neuropsychologists, targeting neurons in multiple neural networks to fire together and wire together, making these activities so powerful. Helping therapy users remember better.

      VR Cognitive Therapy for Cancer Related Cognitive Impairment &

      Virtual Reality Cognitive Therapy for Stroke

  • Built on cutting edge virtual reality platform
  • Using Neuroplasticity
  • & Gaming!

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